Instafloss unveils 10-second, multijet water flosser

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Instafloss has debuted a 10-second, multijet water flossing device designed to improve the flossing experience.

The Instafloss water flosser. Image courtesy of Instafloss.The Instafloss water flosser. Image courtesy of Instafloss.

The Instafloss mouthpiece fits around upper and lower teeth simultaneously and uses multiple pulsing water jets to floss teeth at the same time. The jets provide 360° coverage, and users can adjust the level of intensity. The silicone mouthpieces can also be interchanged, so multiple people can share one unit.

The Instafloss launched on Kickstarter on June 9 and reached its $20,000 fundraising goal in six minutes. The project has raised more than $380,000 in funding.

Consumers can preorder the Instafloss for $109 through the Kickstarter campaign. A previous promotional price of $99 has already sold out.

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