Quip launches eco-friendly refillable floss pick

2020 08 26 17 20 2673 Smile3 400

Oral health company Quip has launched a refillable floss pick to cut down on single-use plastic waste.

The pick is an alternative to Quip's refillable floss string for people who prefer floss picks. A single, 100% recyclable paper refill pod of Quip's floss replaces 180 single-use plastic picks, according to the firm. The floss pick comes with a reusable handle and also a dispensing case with a built-in mouth mirror.

Quip's refillable pick comes preloaded with the first refill floss pod. It is available in copper, gold, slate, and silver metal finishes, as well as white plastic, starting at $15 for the starter kit or $10 when purchased as part of a set.

Consumers can also sign up for a subscription that will deliver a floss refill pod replacement every three months for $5 with free shipping.

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