Medit launches new T-Series scanner models

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Medit announced it has launched three T-Series laboratory scanner models.

The T710, T510, and T310 are open-system scanners that aid the creation of customized dental laboratory workflows, according to the company.

The top-of-the-line Medit T710 offers four 5-megapixel (MP) cameras, which are positioned to prevent blind spots. The system can scan full arches in 8 seconds and has an accuracy of 4 µm.

Image courtesy of Medit.Image courtesy of Medit.

The T510 version scans full arches in 12 seconds and comes with an accuracy of 7 µm, while the T310 has an 18-second scan time with 9-µm accuracy, according to Medit.

The T710 works for all scan indications, including implant cases, impressions, and replica dentures.

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