Dental sensor monitors body health 24/7

2022 02 09 22 08 1351 Human Body Xray 400

MyDentalWig has developed iDentalWig, a wearable dental device that the company claims can monitor the body 24/7 to catch potential health concerns.

The device has a self-charging battery that is powered by the wearer's swallowing, chewing, and talking, the company said. It can collect information on brain and heart activity, blood, muscles, and more; using an app, doctors and wearers of the device can then access the collected information. The data can also be sent to scientists and medical professionals for research purposes.

Ideally, the data will lead to better understanding and prevention of conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and heart failure. The company hopes the technology could even be used to detect whether a person has consumed too much alcohol and warn them not to drive.

The device is pending a U.S. patent, according to MyDentalWig.

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