Voco partners with Planmeca, unveils new nanoceramic hybrid

2022 03 08 23 29 5521 2022 03 08 Voco 400

Voco has formed a material partnership with Planmeca and launched its Grandio blocs PlanMill fire-free nanoceramic hybrid blocks.

The blocks are designed to allow for excellent wear resistance and long-term color stability, according to Voco. The material can be used for crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and implant-supported crowns.

Grandio blocs PlanMill.Grandio blocs PlanMill.

Voco said it's making the CAD/CAM blocks available in multiple sizes, translucencies, and shades. In Planmeca's latest software update, PlanMill users can now select the best milling strategy for Grandio blocs PlanMill, according to Voco.

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