Cigna grants $103K to foundation helping underserved kids

The Cigna Foundation is granting $103,000 to the Healthy Smiles Mobile Dental Foundation, an organization bringing dental care to thousands of children in California's Central Valley. The World of Difference grant will help run Healthy Smiles' mobile clinic and cover oral health expenses.

Healthy Smiles Mobile Dental Foundation uses a van equipped with a dental office to bring dental care to 2,500 children in four California counties. The team also provides oral health education to the children and their parents.

"What attracted us to Healthy Smiles is their commitment to bringing good oral health to young people from economically stressed families in a creative, culturally sensitive way," stated David Figliuzzi, executive director of the Cigna Foundation, in a press release. "With their focus on children who have the least access to care, Healthy Smiles is a great partner in helping fulfill the World of Difference goal of making a healthy, more secure life a reality for individuals everywhere."

The grant will help keep Healthy Smiles' oral health supplies, including sealants, stocked and help with costs associated with operating the mobile clinic.

"Every day, our dental professionals see children who are experiencing tooth decay and gum disease -- health challenges that are completely preventable," stated Tai Harman, executive director for Healthy Smiles. "We are excited to be joined by Cigna and the Cigna Foundation to expand our services so that more children of all backgrounds can enjoy smiles that last a lifetime."

The Cigna Foundation World of Difference grants support organizations improving children's wellness, senior care, women's health, and health equity.

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