Do's and don'ts for the hygienist: Create awareness of elective services

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Many patients have no idea about the full range of services, especially cosmetic procedures, provided by your practice -- unless you tell them. If you don't talk about cosmetic dentistry, how can you expect patients to be interested? After all, you spend more time with patients than anyone else in the office.


Ask patients this key question. To get patients thinking about the aesthetic condition of their mouth, ask this simple but powerful question: Are you happy with your smile? Most people will admit that there's something they don't like or something they would like to improve. Their response to this question is an opening for a fuller discussion about the available options to address their particular situation.


Don't forget to revisit proposed treatment. A conversation about cosmetic dentistry doesn't automatically lead to case acceptance right away. Patients are taking much longer to make decisions regarding treatment, especially for larger cases and aesthetic procedures. If patients say they want to think about the proposed treatment, revisit the conversation at their next hygiene appointment. By talking over the options again, you are giving patients another chance at saying "yes" to treatment.

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