Do's and don'ts for focusing more on elective procedures

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Elective procedures offer your practice the opportunity to increase your production and decrease your reliance on compensation from insurance providers. Set a target of making cosmetic and other elective services account for at least 30% of total production.


"Present" cosmetic services without saying a word. Turn your reception and treatment areas into galleries of beautiful smiles. Use manufacturers' promotional posters, displays, brochures, and other graphic materials to silently say to patients that your practice can provide professional whitening, veneers, porcelain crowns, and other aesthetic improvements. Train all staff members to be able to explain how great your cosmetic services are.


Don't forget to offer a wide range of payment options to every patient. Many of your patients will accept cosmetic and other elective services -- if you make it more affordable and convenient. By offering several options, including outside financing through a reputable company, you'll persuade more patients to say "yes" to treatment.

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