Hygiene Insider: New studies link perio health to kidney health

Dear Hygiene Insider,

Researcher on the link between oral health and systemic health is growing stronger thanks in part to two new studies from the 2018 International Association of Dental Research in London. Researchers found a significant association between chronic kidney disease and signs of poor periodontal health. See their findings in our Insider Exclusive.

Also new in the Hygiene Community, Dr. Alvin Danenberg details why the future of dentistry may be quite different from dentistry in the past. In his latest column, he discusses how the conventional way of doing things may begin to embrace current unconventional ideas. Read more here.

Did you know that scientists discovered a nanoparticle that successfully disrupts pathogenic biofilm without harming surrounding oral tissues? Researchers tested ferumoxytol, a treatment for iron deficiency, and found that the nanoparticle may be able to prevent tooth decay. Learn more about why the findings potentially open the door for developing a precise therapeutic approach for caries.

You tell your patients to brush and floss, but do you know how they are actually caring for their mouths? The American Academy of Periodontology commissioned a survey to find out the flossing habits of consumers, and the results are both enlightening and concerning. A third of people eat after they've finished their nighttime teeth-cleaning routine. See more findings here.

Also in the Hygiene Community, you'll find the following recent industry news:

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