Why 'mask mouth' could be a sweet spot for your treatment planning

2019 10 23 22 18 7991 Rice David 400

"Mask mouth" is a huge topic right now, creating buzz not only within the dental industry but also with our patients.

We know our lives have been changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, inside and outside of the dental practice. That includes all of us wearing masks in public places -- and sometimes that isn't the best thing for our oral health, whether you're a dentist, dental team member, or dental patient. That's where the topic of "mask mouth" has entered into our vocabulary.

Let's say a patient walks in with some knowledge of mask mouth. That patient already has oral health on his or her mind, right? So how do we connect the dots? Connecting education with emotion is what makes treatment planning hum. What does that mean? Let me tell you more in the video below.

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