Natural Dentist launches new website for kids' oral health

The Natural Dentist has launched a new website for its children's line of oral health products. The goal is to encourage parents to explore what is in their children's oral care products and help develop good oral health habits in kids at an early age.

The Natural Dentist kids' toothpastes do not contain harsh chemicals, artificial flavors, or artificial colors and are also free of sodium lauryl sulfate, according to the company. They come in two flavors: Berry Blast and Groovy Grape.

"As a parent, you want to make the best choices for your kids when it comes to their health," stated Kelly Kaplan, president of Revive, the maker of the Natural Dentist, in a press release. "Our goal is to provide a great-tasting option you feel good about your child using, so that the brushing ritual is a fun activity for both you and your child."

The Cavity Zapper fluoride gel toothpastes are available at retailers, including Whole Foods and select Target stores.

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