Ga. dentist holds world's largest cache of toothpaste

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A dentist in Georgia possesses 3,000 toothpaste tubes, setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest collection of the oral care product, according to news reports.

Val Kolpakov, DDS, of Peach State Dentistry in Alpharetta, first attempted to set the record for having the biggest collection of pulled teeth, but he couldn't find information on the top holder. From there, Dr. Kolpakov moved on to stockpiling toothpaste tubes because he thought this type of collection was "more exciting."

He showcases the tubes, which include some with exotic flavors and others from places like Russia, China, and India, at his dental office. Dr. Kolpakov has said that his patients appreciate his collection. When patients travel, they will return with a new tube to add to his collection.

Dr. Kolpakov has been collecting toothpaste for about two decades, and he broke his first record in 2010. Then, he had the largest collection at 1,800 tubes of toothpaste, according to the World Record Academy.

In 2012, he set the Guinness World Record after he amassed a collection of 2,037 tubes.

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