Antibiotic shortage ending? And new database provides oral health answers; coalition of dentists seeks to improve access to care

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Has your practice been affected by a shortage of the antibiotics doxycycline and tetracycline? As associate editor Rob Goszkowski reports here, both have become available again thanks to a restart in production, and there may be more production capability on the way.

In a look at the fascinating early life of one of America's most prolific and famous novelists, contributing writer Daniel J. Demers writes about Pearl Grey, a dentist who in the early 20th century put his instruments down and rode, and wrote, to fame as Western novelist and conservationist Zane Grey.

A coalition of dentists have formed the Dentists for Oral Health Innovation, with the goal of improving access to care in the U.S. Read more about how this group seeks to expand access to quality, affordable dental care using advancing models and methods.

Looking to combine and maximize the impact data can have for practice, research, and care, a team of U.S. researchers has created a dental data repository that can be used by faculty, residents, and students to answer questions about the nation's oral health and how best to continue improving it. Read contributing writer Rosemary Frei's report here.

Coming up next week, associate editor Rob Goszkowski will be covering the 2013 Greater New York Dental Meeting. Look for his tweets beginning Monday, December 2.

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