Week in Review: Prophylactic antibiotics | Effectiveness of interdental brushes | Dental Exam

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The issue of prophylactic antibiotics before dental procedures remains a controversial topic. New data presented at IDWeek 2019 revealed that antibiotics may cause serious adverse events, including allergic reactions requiring hospitalization and bacterial infections.

Patients might see a new oral irrigator or interdental brush in your office and ask if that device is better than floss at preventing caries and periodontal disease. How do you respond? A new literature review found that interdental brushes were more effective than flossing or wood sticks in removing interdental plaque.

If you are preparing for the Integrated National Board Dental Examination, we can help. Our free Dental Exam feature is an online interactive study tool that features diagnostic images and sample questions formatted specifically for the upcoming exam. Get started at dentalexam.drbicuspid.com.

Finally this week, the reality of practice ownership is that every practice owner wants an amazing team, but they often expect it to come together without any effort. Mike Monfredi, the practice manager at Monfredi Family Dentistry, writes that great teams are made, not born. He offers seven steps you can take to build your team.

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