DANB offers combined RHS/ICE exam

The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) is now offering candidates the opportunity to take the radiation health and safety (RHS) exam and infection control exam (ICE) together during the same test administration for $220. This reduced fee represents a cost savings of $80 as compared to taking each exam during two separate administrations.

The RHS/ICE application is now available in the 2010 CDA Candidate Guide.

The RHS and ICE exams have no eligibility requirements and are two of the three component exams of the national DANB certified dental assistant (CDA) exam. The third component, the general chairside (GC) exam, does have education or work experience eligibility requirements. To earn the CDA certification mark, a dental assistant must pass all three component exams within a five-year period.

"DANB is very excited to offer the RHS/ICE component exam combination at a cost savings to candidates. It is a great way for candidates who have passed the GC exam to take the RHS/ICE components and become DANB-certified," said Johnna Gueorguieva, director of testing and measurement. "Or, candidates can opt to take the RHS/ICE component exams first, and then take the GC exam once they have met the eligibility requirements."

The RHS exam has been administered for more than 25 years and is currently recognized or required to meet radiography requirements in 29 states. The ICE exam is also a component of the certified orthodontic assistant (COA) exam. DANB's ICE exam is specifically required in three states and is part of dental assisting requirements for those 29 states that recognize the CDA or COA exams.

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