NM offers aid to patients of nondentist

The New Mexico Department of Health is offering free counseling and blood tests to those who received dental services in their homes or other nonclinic settings, particularly former patients of a man known as "El Dentista" and other names, including Eliver Kestler or Eliver Lopez.

The services will include counseling; no-cost, confidential blood tests; and referrals to additional services if needed. A brief, confidential interview will be offered before testing is conducted for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV in order to determine if people need to be tested more than one time and if any additional services are needed.

If an individual has received any of the dental services offered by "El Dentista," they should call the New Mexico Department of Health at 505-827-0006 to answer questions and learn where to go for counseling and testing.

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