Cantel reports record 1st quarter sales

Cantel Medical, a provider of infection prevention and control products for dental and medical use, reported record sales for its fiscal first quarter of 2014.

For the quarter (end-October 31), the company had sales of $136.8 million, a 16% increase compared with $118.3 million for the same quarter in 2013. Net income was $11.24 million, compared with $11.19 million for the same period last year.

Andrew Krakauer, Cantel's CEO, stated in a press release that his company was pleased with the record sales and solid earnings for the quarter.

"We achieved good financial performance in all three major business segments -- Endoscopy, Water Purification and Filtration, and Healthcare Disposables," he said. "All three business units have greatly benefitted from further investments in new product development, sales and marketing programs, and the integration of recent acquisitions. Most importantly, for the sixth consecutive quarter we had strong organic sales growth exceeding 10%."

Cantel Medical is a global company that provides infection prevention and control products and services. Its products include water purification equipment, sterilants, disinfectants and cleaners, sterility assurance monitoring products for hospitals and dental clinics, disposable infection-control products, and more.

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