Week in Review: Patient trashes dental practice | Dentist loses license over infection control, behavior | Honoring Dental Excellence Award winners

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Happy Leap Day! It's February 29, and we only get to see this day come around once every four years. Here's hoping you make the most of this extra 24 hours on the 2020 calendar.

This past week was an interesting week in dental-related news to say the least.

In Ohio, a woman was arrested for striking an employee and ransacking a dental exam room, forcing the space to be shut down to patients. An argument over dental services triggered the violent outburst. Is your practice prepared for an event like this? What would you do if this happened in your practice?

Elsewhere, the Vermont Board of Dental Examiners has revoked the license of a dentist for using unsterilized tools and also his history of "unprofessional conduct." Reportedly, his license is one of only nine that has been revoked in about 60 years. It's a reminder of the importance of proper infection control every day in the practice.

We are also keeping our eye on the news surrounding a St. Louis-area dentist who is back in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons -- this time for defrauding Illinois Medicaid out of about $700,000.

On the flip side of these stories was the positive energy after looking back at the high fives and celebrations that took place in Chicago during the recent Midwinter Meeting when DrBicuspid.com handed out its Dental Excellence Awards in 10 categories. I was honored to present these prestigious awards to some very happy colleagues in the Windy City.

Finally, an interesting case was featured this week in our Case Study section. A 1-day-old newborn delivered preterm at 31 weeks of gestation was in the neonatal intensive care unit for ventilatory support. The physician noted something at the inferior alveolar ridge and requested a consultation with the pediatric dentistry service. Be sure to check out the images that go along with this case and see if you can help solve this dental mystery.

Here's to the start of March -- and baseball season soon enough!