Molecular iodine products being evaluated in controlled study

2020 04 28 15 31 9856 Virus Coronavirus Covid 19 400

Germicidal products developer ioTech International said that a clinical trial is now underway to assess the benefits of several molecular iodine products for protecting healthcare workers from COVID-19 exposure.

The controlled study at St. Joseph's University Medical Center in Paterson, NJ, will evaluate the firm's ioRinse oral rinse, ioCleanse hand cleaner, and ioMist nasal spray. A control group of 300 employees following guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be compared with 300 employees following the CDC guidelines along with adjunctive use of the oral rinse, nasal spray, and hand sanitizer, ioTech said.

The six-week study's end point will be a reduction in COVID-19 symptoms from healthcare workers who are using the ioTech products, according to the company. The trial is being led by Dr. Hillel Ephros, chairman of the department of dentistry/oral and maxillofacial surgery.