Podcast: How one dentist changed her operatory in the wake of COVID-19

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When COVID-19 forced the dental industry to shut down, Julie Spaniel, DDS, knew she had to adjust how she did dentistry when her practice was allowed to reopen. With that in mind, she looked outside of dentistry for ideas.

With her husband working in the semiconductor industry, Dr. Spaniel began to investigate the idea of incorporating "clean rooms" into her dental practice.

"We will be capturing 99.9% of all viruses and no aerosols will leave the treatment rooms," Dr. Spaniel writes in the section of her website devoted to explaining clean rooms. "Laminar airflow in the dental treatment rooms have total clean air exchange over 12 x per minute through HEPA filtration. Currently being installed, custom, state of the art, 'Clean Room Dentistry!' "

I recently talked with Dr. Spaniel about the process, the results, and what she is hearing from her patients and team members about the transformation at Summerwood Family Dental in Tigard, OR. You can hear our discussion, which lasts just under 11 minutes, by clicking the link below.

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