Podcast: Why this dentist is passionate about crown and bridge

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Edward Feinberg, DMD, believes that crown and bridge has stood the test of time and is a big part of the future of dentistry.

"Dentists don't realize that crown and bridge, when properly constructed, can solve a patient's problem over a whole area, while implants only fill a space and do nothing for the teeth around it," Dr. Feinberg said. "It's not uncommon to see lectures where an implant is placed among teeth that already have or will need crown and bridge work completed."

In our most recent podcast, Dr. Feinberg talks about why he is so passionate about crown and bridge, as well as the role that dental assistants should be playing in its success. Our discussion is just under 17 minutes, making it a good addition to your commute or morning huddle.

Additionally, you can visit the Onward website, where Dr. Feinberg has loaded many cases showing the benefits of crown and bridge.

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