A simple solution to boosting your business success for the rest of 2020

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We have been so conditioned to ensure we are following the right protocols for infection control and prevention that we have forgotten to focus on the business side of our practices as well.

Don't get me wrong. Staying safe is critical -- but so is ensuring your livelihood and those of your team members.

Trust me, I have been right there with you through the challenges of finding the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and getting your team to come back and be on board with what's to come. But once we know we are safe, how are we telling our patients that same message? How are we making sure that they're safe when they walk through the door but also feeling safe enough to accept a treatment plan and come back for that treatment?

With dentistry doing so much right now, why are so many dental practices still struggling to meet last year's production levels? That's the question I want to discuss and give you some points to think about in the video below.

I am happy to share other thoughts as well and continue the conversation if you would like to contact me at david.rice@ignitedds.com.

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