AGD panel to discuss perio, heart disease link

The connection between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease will be the topic of a panel discussion on the growing need for dentists and physicians to collaborate at this week's Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) annual meeting.

Marvin Slepian, M.D., and Neil Gottehrer, D.D.S., will lead an "Oral/Body Inflammation Connection" discussion during the meeting in Baltimore.

"It is critical for all dentists and physicians to collaborate in helping patients reduce inflammation, which can become a target factor for cardiovascular disease," Dr. Slepian stated in a press release.

Information presented during this session will provide dentists with hands-on knowledge regarding how to communicate with physicians to collaborate and create more proactive management periodontal disease treatment plans (including nonsurgical options), which can then improve periodontal and associated physical health by reducing cardiovascular disease.

"This is a landmark course being presented, and I am honored to be holding the discussion with my colleague, Dr. Slepian," Dr. Gottehrer stated in the release. "We hope to provide groundbreaking and useful information to attendees to help them improve the overall health of their patients and to build an increased awareness about the connection between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease that many, if not most, patients are unaware of."

Along with a panel of seven other doctors, Drs. Gottehrer and Slepian will identify the categories by grade of periodontal disease and the risks of disease to the patient, describe uniform treatment for all stages of both periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, and suggest a successful hygiene program to improve dental care given to patients.

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