U.K. antidrinking campaign warns of oral cancer risks

A new government advertising campaign in the U.K. is warning that consuming two large glasses of wine or two strong pints of beer a day triples the risk of developing oral cancer.

National Health Service (NHS) recommendations are that men should not regularly drink more than three to four units a day and women not more than two to three, according to a news report in the Independent.

The NHS has developed a series of advertisements that will run under the Change4Life banner, and people will be able to access a new online calculator to work out how much they are drinking, the Independent noted. In addition, 2 million leaflets will be made available to Change4Life supporters and health professionals.

Drinkers will be encouraged to cut down through measures such as having alcohol-free days, not drinking at home before going out, swapping to low- or alcohol-free drinks, and using smaller glasses.

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