AAOM: Dental offices can enhance oral cancer awareness

The American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM), in partnership with the Oral Cancer Foundation, is working to raise awareness for oral and head and neck cancers during April, which is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

The academy is encouraging doctors to offer free screenings and educate communities on the importance of early detection.

During the month of April, all across the U.S., there will be opportunities to participate in walk-a-thons to support oral, head, and neck cancer awareness month. All money raised for these walks will go toward research and education for oral cancer. The AAOM, along with the Oral Cancer Foundation, will help and support professionals who wish to organize a free screening event in their office for their community.

AAOM believes dental professionals can play a vital role in reducing the number of people diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Promoting early detection and a healthy lifestyle, eliminating or reducing the use of tobacco and alcohol paired with a healthy diet, is key in reducing the occurrence of oral cancer.

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