Komet offers provisional kit for dental assistants

Komet USA has introduced the fourth kit in its line of kits designed specifically for dental assistants to work on provisional restorations.

The Shannon L. Pace Provisional Chairside Kit (SD 2307) was developed in conjunction with Shannon Pace Brinker, C.D.A., of Virginia Beach, VA. With the kit, assistants can make adjustments to provisional restorations chairside while the patient looks on, the company said.

The H135 carbide has eight blades and a smooth noncutting tip for labial finishing. Both the H371Q and H371F are carbides designed for the trimming of the provisional material.

The C9480 and C9481 are the assistant's one-step polishers interspersed with diamond grit.

A stainless steel pop-on mandrel (310) is available so the assistant can use a rubber cup (9672) for polishing with paste. The pop-on mandrel can also be used for polishing disks.

Finally, the assistant can bring the provisional to a high shine using a polishing paste and the 9628 cotton mop.

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