Dental assistant brings solar-powered dental chairs to needy

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A backpacking trip to Cambodia exposed the dire health conditions people there faced, inspiring a dental assistant to create a charity that provides solar-powered dental chairs to those in need, according to a story published in Docklands News. 

Kim Groizard, of Australia, created Solar Smiles Dental Charity to raise awareness of and address the oral health challenges faced by villagers in Cambodia who lack access to regular dental care while bringing basic dental services to impoverished regions of the country. Groizard founded the organization in 2015 and began sourcing compact, cordless, solar-powered dental chairs from the U.S., as well as dental hygiene products like toothbrushes, to bring to Cambodia.  

With the help of many dentists, health professionals, and volunteers, Solar Smiles has brought dental tools, services, and education to children and adults in one of the poorest regions of the country.  

“We aim to tap into the local dental community in Cambodia and share the knowledge with the local dentists and community leaders to ensure they understand and reinforce the ideas,” Groizard said in the story. 

Anyone interested in helping can visit the Solar Smiles website 

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