Podcast: The front vs. back battle and the importance of documentation

One of the lectures I give at dental meetings throughout the country, including at the recent Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, is titled "The 3 biggest battles between the back and the front office." And, before you ask, no, the clash over control of the thermostat is not one of them.

What is one of them, however, is the battle over the handoff. I have seen countless instances in which the back and the front office simply don't work well together when it comes to the final moments of the patient's visit to the dental practice. Where there is confusion at checkout, it can leave a bad taste in the patient's mouth and cause greater anxiety between members of the team.

In my latest Dental Assistant Nation podcast, Teresa Duncan, my dear friend and dental insurance expert, joined me for a lively conversation around not only the handoff and what can be done to improve it but also how the dental assistant plays a key role in the necessary documentation for every dental visit. With one of the assistant's biggest jobs being to protect the license of his or her dentist every day, making sure proper documentation happens for every patient should be a priority in the practice.

So what are some of the common mistakes seen with the handoff and documentation? Is it true that "If you don't document it, it didn't happen?" Duncan and I talk about this and much more in the podcast which you can hear below or by clicking here. Lasting just under 18 minutes, this is a conversation that could change the way you look at the effectiveness of daily procedures in your practice.

Takeaways from the podcast

Effective communication and collaboration between the front and back office is crucial for the success of a dental practice.

Documentation plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and protecting the practice legally.

Both the clinical team and the administrative team have a responsibility to document important information.

Understanding the importance of documentation can help bridge the gap between the front and back office.

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