DeCare offers international emergency dental program

DeCare Dental, a global dental benefit management company and a wholly owned subsidiary of WellPoint, has introduced the International Emergency Dental Program, a service that gives dental members and their covered dependents access to emergency dental care from credentialed dentists around the world.

"When dental members experience an unexpected tooth injury or other dental emergency, they can call our international service center and talk with an English-speaking customer service representative who will help them find a dentist. In addition, all of the providers in this program are English-speaking," said Mike Walsh, president of WellPoint's dental business. "This is a great program for dental members because it gives them peace of mind and access to care 24 hours a day, each and every day, when they're traveling abroad."

When members receive their emergency dental care from an International Emergency Dental Program dentist, they are reimbursed in full, and the claim is not calculated into their annual dental plan maximum. However, their claim will be paid at an out-of-network level if they:

  • Receive emergency dental care out of the country from a dentist who is not in the International Emergency Dental Program.
  • Receive nonemergency dental care from any dentist outside of the U.S.

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