NY man sues Cadbury over Trident gum claims

A New York man is suing Cadbury Adams, saying the company's claims that Trident Xtra Care sugar-free gum can help repair damaged teeth are misleading to consumers.

In a lawsuit filed in Queens Supreme Court, Joshua Hirsch accuses Cadbury of falsely claiming that its gum can restore rotting or chipped teeth, according to a story in the New York Daily News.

In promotional materials, the company notes that the gum contains Recaldent, which makes teeth more resistant to plaque acids, according to the Daily News.

Jerome Noll, Hirsch's lawyer, told the newspaper that the ad campaign is an underhanded effort to draw in unsuspecting consumers who would rather buy a package of gum than visit the dentist.

"Trident Xtra Care could not and does not rebuild teeth," the lawsuit stated. "Once tooth decay has set in, no chewing gum can rebuild the teeth."

Trident declined to comment, saying it does not comment on pending litigation.

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