European prosthetics, CAD/CAM market set to rise

In 2012, the total European market for dental prosthetics and CAD/CAM systems was valued at nearly 10 billion euros ($13.8 billion), according to a new market research report from

The economic instability in Europe affected various segments of the prosthetics and CAD/CAM markets in adverse ways, but both markets are expected to continue to rise over the 2012-2019 forecast period, the research firm noted. Factors driving growth include the aging baby boomer population, popular culture, and the media.

The "European Markets for Dental Prosthetics and CAD/CAM Devices" report includes the European markets of Austria, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg), France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark), Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K.

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