CDA urges state to address Denti-Cal deficiencies

The California Dental Association (CDA) is urging the state of California to ensure that the nearly $90 million allotted for the Denti-Cal program in the most recent budget has a positive impact on patient care.

California legislators approved the budget on June 15. The budget next goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for approval.

According to the CDA, the Legislature's approved budget calls for the following:

  • The full restoration of adult Denti-Cal benefits
  • A 5% reversal of rate cuts for program providers
  • An increase in the Denti-Cal anesthesia fee
  • Restoration of the California Children's Dental Disease Prevention Program

A recent state audit found that 56% of children enrolled in Denti-Cal cannot access any dental care and cited the program's low reimbursement rates as one of the primary reasons for the lack of participating program providers. California's reimbursement rates are 35% of the national average for most services, according to the CDA.

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