Ill. university to run satellite clinics to boost dental care

The Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine in Edwardsville, IL, announced plans to run satellite clinics in two cities to provide affordable dental care, according to an April 10 article in the Springfield, IL, State Journal-Register.

The university has been granted authority by the Adams County Health Department to run that city's dental clinic in Quincy, IL. The university hopes to open a new location as early as late summer and has applied for a $700,000 federal grant to cover start-up costs, the paper reported.

This clinic serves 8,000 patients with one dentist and one hygienist. The university wants to increase the number of providers to three dentists and three hygienists.

The Logan County Department of Public Health has also approved for the university to take over administration of its dental clinic in Lincoln, IL. The clinic serves more than 5,000 people per year and currently has a six-month wait for dental services.

In the article, a county administrator noted that there are no private dentists in Logan County who accept Medicaid patients. An SIU official said the university would attempt to hire an additional dentist for the location.

The article noted that the plans require federal approval.

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