What dental practices need to know about the Change Healthcare cyberattack

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In this video interview, Kevin Henry spoke with dental insurance expert Teresa Duncan to discuss the recent cybersecurity attack on Change Healthcare and its impact on dental practices. We highlighted the increasing frequency of cyberattacks in the industry and the potential data breach that may have occurred.

We also explored the options available to dental practices, including switching to other clearinghouses or using snail mail for claims, and the impact on the revenue cycle and the labor implications for insurance coordinators. The conversation emphasized the importance of awareness and preparedness, as well as using online portals and finding alternative solutions. Teresa Duncan is offering her assistance to dental professionals, and DrBicuspid.com will provide ongoing support and updates on the situation.

"If I were standing over your shoulder, looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do, I would say this ... if you are using Change Healthcare and you're affected, you're already getting messages that your services are down and you're not able to, and that's because the software has cut you off," Duncan said. "What I want you to do is keep track of your claims and, unfortunately, you're going to be looking at a revenue cycle impact for the practice."

As a note, companies have already sprung into action to help their clients, including Henry Schein One, which put out a news release on Monday stating that "within 48 hours of learning about the incident, Henry Schein One began processing claims with a new clearinghouse, helping support its customers’ revenue streams." 

Learn more about what Henry Schein One is doing here.

You can see the update and check the current status from Change Healthcare by clicking here

You can watch the video with all of the details below.


Patterson Dental and Vyne Dental Join Forces to Expedite Insurance Claim Processing for Eaglesoft Customers and Dental Professionals Nationwide

In response to recent challenges faced by dental professionals nationwide due to delays in insurance claim processing stemming from a security incident, Vyne Dental and Patterson Dental have announced they will be joining forces aimed at providing swift support to affected practices.

."As market leaders in revenue cycle management solutions, we recognize the urgent need to address the challenges our industry faces," said Steve Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, Vyne. "Through our collaboration with Patterson Dental, we are committed to delivering expedited solutions and unparalleled support to dental professionals navigating through this difficult period."

Video takeaways

  • Change Healthcare, a major clearinghouse, has experienced a cybersecurity attack, impacting dental and medical practices.
  • Dental practices using Change Healthcare should consider switching to other clearinghouses or using snail mail for claims.
  • The attack may result in delays in claim payments and revenue cycle disruptions for dental practices.
  • Insurance coordinators should be prepared for increased labor and follow-up due to the attack.
  • Dental professionals should stay informed, check eligibility and benefits through online portals, and seek assistance from experts like Teresa Duncan.


 0:00  Introduction and background
 0:37   Cybersecurity attack on change healthcare
 4:33   Potential data breach and the impact on dental practices
 5:14   Options for dental practices
 6:48   Impact on the revenue cycle
 8:13   Labor implications
 9:29   Awareness and preparedness
11:02  Utilizing online portals
12:23  Alternative solutions
13:08  How to contact Teresa Duncan for assistance
13:42  Conclusion

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