Dos and don'ts for customer service: Be a good neighbor

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By its nature, a dental practice connects with and depends on the good will and support of a large number of its neighbors. For this reason, it's good business -- and the right thing to do -- to participate actively in your practice's neighborhood. Your objective is simple: Engage in community affairs in such a way that everyone thinks of you as not only a skilled and caring dentist but also a good neighbor.


Identify signature "causes" you can support. There are probably one or two issues -- health problems or community needs -- that matter to you and your staff personally. Commit your practice to at least one such cause. Using communications channels, such as your website and signage at events, will let everyone know about your commitment --and about staying involved for the long term.


Don't just contribute money, but also your time and services. Many charitable organizations need volunteers. Hands-on involvement can build practice team spirit and also lead to the formation of personal relationships throughout the community. Free dental services for underserved people provide high value at a relatively low cost to you, and it reinforces your positive identity as a local dental practice.

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