Do's and don'ts for customer service: Good isn't good enough

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Most practices provide good customer service, but that's no longer good enough. To stand out in a crowded field, you have to deliver great customer service. Every interaction must be viewed as an opportunity to WOW patients.


Train your team to go the extra mile. You want to create an amazing experience for patients during every visit. Give your team the tools and techniques, including scripting, that enables them to consistently impress patients.


Don't overlook the practice's décor. Is your office's appearance saying the right things about your practice? Pretend you're a patient vising the practice for the first time. Look at everything -- the parking lot, signage, the facility's exterior, carpeting, lighting, walls, bathrooms, etc. Make a list of everything you see that needs to be replaced, repainted, or upgraded. Then put in an improvement plan to get everything done in the next three months.

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