Survey: Why you fired a dental patient in 2023

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We recently published an article about how dental practices should feel comfortable firing troublesome patients, and the piece by Estela Vargas received plenty of attention. In fact, it seems that many dental practices are trying to figure out the right way to weed out patients who may cause problems when they show up or who simply don't pay their bills.

With all of that in mind, we're asking for your thoughts on the subject with a one-question survey that you can find here. It takes less than a minute of your time to complete and will help us with editorial content that we are planning in 2024 to help your practice flourish in the new year.

Certainly not every day is perfect in a dental practice, and we also know that not every patient is perfect either. However, there are a few patients who are simply a bigger headache than they should be. How are you handling them? What did you do (if anything) to move them off of your books in 2023? That is what we would love to know.

This survey (which, again, you can answer by clicking here) is the first of 12 we will be doing during the holiday season. We're getting festive with our 12 days of surveys at Christmastime, and we would love your help and answers.

Thank you in advance for taking the survey, and here's to fewer problem patients in your practice in 2024 and beyond!

Take the survey.

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