Survey: What is the biggest worry for your dental practice in 2024?

Dentist Thinking

With the new year comes plenty of resolutions and things that we hope will be better once midnight hits and the ball drops at Times Square. However, even with the hope for good things ahead, we know there are concerns that keep dentists and dental team members up at night.

As 2024 creeps ever closer, we want to know what you're worried about heading into the new year. We are asking one simple question on the topic and would love your feedback in a survey that will take less than one minute of your time to complete. Please fill out the survey by clicking here.

By answering our survey, you will help us not only plan editorial content that helps eliminate those worries, but we will share the results during the first week of January, so you can know if what is keeping you up at night is the same thing that other dentists and dental team members are worried about as well.

This survey is part of our 12 days of surveys we are putting out to our readers at the end of 2023. It's our way to judge the topics that matter most to you in 2024, and it gives us ideas on not only what those are, but it also influences how we will cover them.

Again, please fill out our one-question survey on your biggest worry heading into 2024 by clicking here. Thank you in advance for your help!

Take the survey.

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