Do’s and don’ts for case presentation

Practices that master case presentation and case acceptance skills are practices that outperform others. This not only helps to grow the practice and increase production, but it protects the practice for the long term. This is one skill that every dentist and team member should work hard to master.

Practice Success Do

Build powerful relationships. Building relationships is about getting to know the patient on a deeper level. We teach concepts like the “Golden 10,” where you learn 10 personal facts about every new patient. After you’ve learned seven and eight facts, you have moved from a professional relationship to a personal relationship. When you learn new things about patients, you show interest, and it adds to the relationship. For the patient, this creates trust and a desire to work with the dentist and team. One way to look at building relationships is that you’re working to make your patients your friends. Friends like their friends, trust their friends, and buy from their friends. 

Practice Success Dont

Don’t forget to treat every patient with respect. Be on time, give patients an enthusiastic greeting, and tell them how delighted you are that they are a patient in your practice or a new patient who has selected your practice. Having respect for each patient goes a long way toward creating a powerful bond that makes patients more willing to accept recommended treatment. 

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