Week in Review: Is teledentistry and less insurance the future? | 7 C's every practice should know right now

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

We all know that a lot of things will change once dental practices return to larger patient loads and we see what a "new normal" might mean for so many facets of our society, including infection control and how dental businesses are operated.

Included in those business operation questions are the roles of teledentistry and dental insurance. In an article we published this week, the author rationalizes that, with many Americans out of work and jobs possibly slow to come back, dental insurance will be used less because patients won't have their benefits. She also believes that teledentistry will play a major role moving forward. What do you think?

Dr. Roger P. Levin provided two excellent pieces of content surrounding the practice management side of the COVID-19 crisis this week. The first was a short video where Dr. Levin explains why there are seven words that start with C that all dental practices should know and be employing as part of their strategy right now. The second was an in-depth piece where Dr. Levin looks back at the Great Recession over a decade ago and what lessons today's dentists can learn from it as they prepare for their businesses to restart. I thought it was a fascinating read, and I hope you do as well.

Another key point to consider right now is the mindset of your team members as they prepare to go back to work. In a new podcast, Dr. David Rice and I discuss what we have been hearing from dental assistants regarding their hopes and fears for what is to come. As a side note, I will be talking to hygienists next week about this same topic, so be on the lookout for that.

Finally, let's highlight a study that has nothing to do with COVID-19. Clustered papular growths on a woman's lips led to a diagnosis of a rare, genetic condition that's associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and other cancer types, according to a recent case report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. You can read more about it here.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Thank you, as always, for reading DrBicuspid.com.

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