DDS Lab's OrthoVault stores patient study models online

DDS Lab has launched its OrthoVault service, which allows dentists to store their orthodontic patient study models securely online and access them at any time.

Traditionally, study models are created for each orthodontic patient out of fragile plaster and physically stored for a minimum of seven years. With OrthoVault, models or impressions are scanned to create a digital file that the practitioner can recall from OrthoVault's Web portal.

OrthoVault meets all the security standards for HIPAA and the FDA; files are stored securely in SSL-encrypted databases, and the servers are regularly backed up to multiple locations to ensure the data are always preserved.

OrthoVault's digital study models are created by scanning rough models or impressions. Once scanned, the models are completed by expert technicians to create the finished file. Finished digital study model files are available in half the time of a traditional plaster study model.

OrthoVault files are available for download through a Web portal and the digital study models are viewable using a free software program, OrthoViewer, which allows dentists and orthodontists to manipulate their models in three dimensions and make any necessary measurements. DDS Lab also offers 3D printing of OrthoVault files to create a durable resin model should a dentist or orthodontist need a physical model.

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