Week in Review: Toxic behaviors that cost you; Denti-Cal problems; and product referrals

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While the laundry list of things that make you angry, frustrated, and stressed is long, examining possible toxic behaviors that are holding your practice back is an important step, writes stress management expert Jen Butler. She defines seven toxic behaviors and how to take that first step toward finding solutions. Read her tips here.

Also on DrBicuspid.com this week, in the second part of Assistant Editor Theresa Pablos' two-part series on California's troubled dental Medicaid program, learn how the Dental Transformation Initiative, a $740 million investment, hopes to improve the system. You can read the article here.

Dr. Roger P. Levin writes that your established patients already rely on you as their oral healthcare expert, so it makes perfect sense for your practice to offer recommended oral care products for patients to use at home. Think of this not as a way to generate more revenue but as a professional service available only to your patients and their families. You can read his latest Practice Success tip here.

The Scheduling Institute's Jay Geier has been studying the question of how to get your patients to say yes to treatment plans for years, and you can benefit from his research. In the first of a two-part series, he offers principles that can create a mutually beneficial situation for your patients and your practice. You can read his column here.

Already, hundreds of your peers and colleagues from all over the U.S. have tried our new practice valuation tool, DrBicuspid-SnapShot. It can give you a quick estimate of your practice's worth compared with other practices, which is important information to have no matter where you are in your career.

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