Week in Review: Cone-beam imaging and your practice; ransomware attacks; and student loans

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DENVER - One of the most popular presentations at any ADA annual meeting is the one given by technology expert Dr. John Flucke. On Thursday, Dr. Flucke gave a well-attended and entertaining presentation on the topic of how cone-beam technology can improve a general practitioner's practice. Read our coverage here.

The best part of covering a meeting such as ADA's is getting to talk with people who are making a difference. Whether its day-to-day practice, a new technology, or some subtle shift in thinking that reflects today's, and tomorrow's, reality, it's inspiring to hear what those involved have to say. I know I speak for everyone here at DrBicuspid.com when I write that we do appreciate the opportunity to bring you their stories.

Also on DrBicuspid.com, keeping your practice safe from ransomware is more important than ever. In the second part of his series, Steve Godfrey, chief information officer for NEA, offers five key steps you can take to help keep your office safe from a ransomware attack. Read his ideas here.

If you're new to dentistry or a student, you're probably thinking about your student loans. In the first of a two-part series, student loan expert Andrew Josuweit offers six programs you might not be aware of that can help you reduce your debt. Read his column here.

The number of children admitted to a hospital in Southern California with a dental infection after having a pulpotomy at one clinic continues to grow. On Monday, Features Editor Donna Domino reported the complete situation, with comments from the clinic's CEO, county healthcare officials, and more. Read her article here.

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