Week in Review: 10 largest DSOs | Reducing practice chaos | Handpiece sterilization

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For the first time since DrBicuspid.com began compiling the list of the 10 largest dental service organizations (DSO) in the U.S., there are changes in the rankings. What are these changes and which DSOs made the list? Read more here.

Working with dentists to create highly effective and smooth-running practices, practice management consultant Jen Butler has noticed four common habits teams have that create chaos. While it might seem discouraging when you first hear that this disorder is completely self-imposed, it's actually good news because it means you can change what you are doing. She offers practical advice to change four chaotic situations. Learn more here.

Handpiece sterilization may be considered a routine practice in today's dental office, but it wasn't always so. In fact, the practice of sterilization evolved rapidly in response to infectious diseases and best practices. Dr. Louis DePaola examines how handpiece sterilization practices have changed and the events that contributed to these developments. Read more here.

I can pretty much guarantee that your team members and you will learn something useful from Dr. DePaola's comprehensive column on the evolution of handpiece sterilization practices. If you are newer to dentistry, he details how the profession overcame obstacles to establish better sterilization practices. If you are experienced, you'll be reminded of something you may have forgotten.

Finally this week, Dr. Roger P. Levin writes that a new associate should be viewed as an asset to the dental team and the office. As practice leader, you need to make it clear from the beginning that the associate dentist is to be treated with respect. Give everything your new team member needs to succeed and your practice will succeed as well. Learn more here.

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