Week in Review: Hybrid toothbrushes | Increasing practice revenue | Narrow-diameter implants

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Do you have patients who can't decide between a manual and powered toothbrush? If so, a hybrid design that combines both modes may be ideal. But how effective are these toothbrushes at reducing plaque compared with a regular powered toothbrush? More importantly, do users like and use these brushes? Read more here.

It's near the end of the year, so you're probably taking a look at your practice's revenue for the year. If it's plateaued, how can you get it going upward again? Dr. Roger P. Levin offers five practical ideas to do just that. Learn more here.

Dr. Levin raises many good points in this column and he also offers solid advice you can implement today. As you are thinking about your goals for 2019, consider reviewing some of the columns in our Practice Management Community for actionable ideas that will help your practice grow.

When you are considering an implant case, you might wonder if narrow-diameter implants perform as well as regular-diameter ones? Are crestal bone loss and survival rates similar? We report on a systematic review and meta-analysis that showed comparable results. Read the results here.

Finally this week, we bring you some practical advice from practice management consultant Jen Butler. She notes that dentists and hygienists are in stressful occupations, but they may not be aware of how stress can manifest itself in dental practitioners. She analyzes some of these manifestations and offers some possible solutions for finding ways to reduce everyone's stress levels. Learn more here.

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