Week in Review: ADA vs. SmileDirectClub | MetLife settles suit | Gum cells and perio disease

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The ongoing dispute between the ADA and SmileDirectClub heated up this week, as both organizations issued dueling press statements. With several regulatory actions initiated by the ADA aimed at the company, this shows no sign of being settled soon.

Speaking of settlements, Metropolitan Life Insurance (MetLife) has agreed to pay more than $3 million to settle a suit filed by dental consultants who claimed they didn't get overtime and benefits from the insurer, according to a settlement motion. MetLife did not admit to liability or violating any laws.

In clinical news this week, newly discovered sensory cells in gums that protect the mouth from infections that cause tissue and bone damage to teeth may be the answer to periodontitis prevention treatments in the future, according to new research.

We also reported on a new study that found that anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs may not prevent tooth sensitivity caused by in-office dental bleaching. In the study, patients who took the drugs before having their teeth bleached experienced similar levels of sensitivity as those who did not.

On a personal note, I wanted to thank you, the readers, for the opportunity to serve you. After almost six years at DrBicuspid.com, I'm stepping down as editor in chief. One aspect of my job that I loved was being at conferences and having readers come up to me and offer their opinion about something we had reported on. That kind of immediate feedback and passion is priceless and I'll treasure it.

Watch this space for more exciting news to come from DrBicuspid.com.

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