Fewer root canals performed in the U.K.

New figures from the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) indicate that the number of complex dental treatments being performed in the country is on the decline, according to a news story from the Press Association.

While the overall number of treatments has risen by more than a million in the last year, those for procedures such as bridges and root canals have been dropping, the news service reported.

Comparing numbers between 2008/2009 and 2003/2004, the NHS Information Centre data showed a 45.5% decrease for treatments where a bridge was fitted and a 39.4% decrease in the number of courses of treatment that included a root canal.

"Unfortunately, the government's disastrous contract has led to a fall in the number of complex treatments routinely provided by dentists," said Shadow Health Minister Mike Penning in the story. "This represents a failure for the profession, for patients, and for the wider NHS. Labour must ensure that there are proper incentives in place to provide appropriate treatment and preventative advice."

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