Lawsuit claims Texas periodontist misused equipment

A Texas man claims he suffered permanent damage to his teeth when a Houston dentist improperly used equipment to treat a botched root canal, according to a story on

Gary Ricketts consulted with periodontist J. Robert Friedberg, D.M.D., in August 2009 after undergoing an unsuccessful root canal. Dr. Friedberg recommended surgical extraction of the problem tooth, followed by a bone graft, Ricketts said.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Friedberg used an electric handpiece to complete the procedure before receiving the required training for the new equipment.

Dr. Friedberg used the handpiece improperly and caused the bone around the tooth to be overheated, according to Ricketts. The teeth adjacent to the extracted tooth were damaged, he claims. Two months after the procedure, the bone around the graft site was sticking out of his jaw and was extremely painful, prompting him to remove it himself, Ricketts said.

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