Denture cream study purposely delayed? And, new file streamlines root canals

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

A 2008 study that suggested a link between the overuse of zinc-based denture cream and the development of neurologic abnormalities is stirring up new controversy.

One of the reviewers of that study, published in Neurology, failed to disclose his relationship as a paid consultant for Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Fixodent -- an omission that ABC News claims led to the study being delayed and its findings "watered down."

But in an interview with, the individual in question -- a practicing dentist in Ann Arbor, MI -- claims that ABC's accusations are nothing short of libel. Read more in this latest Cosmetics Community feature.

In other news, as part of a new strategy to add diagnostic and other clinical products to its portfolio, DentalEZ this week announced that it had acquired the Trimira Identafi 3000 oral cancer screening device and exclusive rights to market and sell it in dentistry. Click here to read more.

And in Restoratives Community news, the Self-Adjusting File offers a unique approach to root canal therapy that allows clinicians to use a single instrument instead of an array of hand files to simultaneously clean, shape, and irrigate the canal, according to a presentation last week at the Western Regional Dental Convention in Phoenix.

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