Coltène launches Surgitip-endo aspirator tip for root canals

Coltène has introduced the new Surgitip-endo aspirator tips for root canals. Developed for drying root canals, the tip has a flexible front section that allows insertion in root canals without having to bend the aspirator tip.

The Surgitip-endo can be used to dry root canals more quickly and efficiently than is possible with paper points alone, the company noted.

The sales package contains 20 individually packaged Surgitip-endo aspirator tips manufactured under clean room conditions. The aspirator tip is ready for immediate use and can be hygienically removed from the pack and connected without any contact. The included autoclavable Double Adaptor allows an alternative connection to the standard water aspirator hose and the saliva aspirator hose. The aspirator tube can be held like a pencil.

The outer diameter of the canal tip corresponds to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 60; the inner diameter is 0.35 mm, in order to be optimally adapted to the prepared ISO sizes of root canals. The ball design enables flexibility and unrestricted high-suction performance while maintaining views of the treatment area.

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